Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st is here

I made it. I still can't believe the month of posting has come and gone, and I succeeded with my goal. It's getting close to the time I have to head to work, so this won't be the longest post, which I'm pretty sure I've said for at least five posts in the last thirty-one days.

I went on a short road trip yesterday and worked up a synopsis on the way. The words my mind came up with while I watched the trees and sky for hawks are below. I think it helps incorporate the title I came up with and gives me a lot of flexibility on where the story goes.

As you'll find as you read the synopsis, I decided not to go with a Greek god, but a hero from those times. I looked through the list of available gods and just wasn't feeling any of them. The story behind this particular hero gave me a built-in villainess and a cast of interesting supporting characters. Without further ado, here is that synopsis.

Molly's dreams of being a mother were finally coming true, but a hospital visit from her daughter's father sets forth an adventure Molly wasn't prepared to embark on. Jason, the man Molly thought was just a one-night stand she found in a bar, turns out to be a whole lot more than another average Joe. The fact that he's older than three thousand years and doesn't look a day over forty is only one of the little mysteries Molly finds out about her new beau.

He's actually the Jason from mythology fame and his ex-wife doesn't take kindly to Jason finding new love. She's proven over the years that she enjoys hurting him whenever he attempts to kindle a new love affair, which usually entails death for the unlucky new lady. Against a witch with too much power at her beck and call, Molly finds herself in a tangled web of a lover's scorn and she'd prefer to get off at the first exit. Jason has other ideas on how to keep his new family safe, none of which coincide with Molly's.

A life Molly never expected possible for her is waiting, if she and Jason can find a way to thwart the evil witch's attacks. With the Argonauts on their side, the task should be a piece of cake. Let's just hope the witch isn't the one in the kitchen baking.

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