Monday, December 8, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 12/8 edition

So I'm running a little behind, but here's this week's story. The challenge was to write a scenario that ended in the main character answering the phone. I was behind getting it written as I worked to finish up Another Day, Another Dollar, but I did get that done and now I'm on to the next one after I get an idea for a book running through my head down on paper.

I'd love to give more details on that book, but I'm off to take care of some errands. Have a great day/week everyone.

A Little Pink Bow

Sometimes the wrapping is as scary as what's inside

The package looked like any other package, but the pink bow on top of it scared Nyx. There wasn’t much that did, but something about the color pink had always disturbed her.

“I take it isn’t from someone who knows you,” Phee said as she took in the small box. There was a small smirk on her face that Nyx didn’t like.

Jake had gleefully brought the package in and announced it was for the mistress of the house, so there wasn’t any questioning who it was for. That didn’t mean Nyx wasn’t trying to wish it away.

“Who dropped it off, Jake?”

The only mail Nyx liked to receive was the packages full of weapons that were delivered on occasion. She highly doubted the package carried a knife.

Jake glanced around the room. His stupid smile appeared to be glued on his face. Nyx followed his eyes, but she didn’t think anything would be revealed by the six guys standing around. They were a mix of vampires and werewolves, and every single one of them looked almost expectant.

“Jake, I don’t have time to mess with you. Sophia is going to wake up from her nap soon and she’ll be demanding my attention.”

“I don’t think she knows, which isn’t really that surprising,” Walt said.

Nyx zeroed in on her uncle and tried to decipher what he meant. His face went completely blank, and if he hadn’t been related to her, she would’ve thrown a knife at him for being too good at hiding things. There was some sort of game being played and it annoyed Nyx.

“Don’t give me that look. It’s your birthday, so it’s not surprising someone would send you a present.”

The statement caused Nyx’s eyes to widen. Birthdays weren’t her thing, and she didn’t want hers to become a thing. It was bad enough Clyde was already counting the days to his, which was seven months away.

“No, it’s not. I don’t have an official birth certificate saying I was born, so therefore I don’t have a birthday.”

Sebastian and Alex had disappeared early that day, off to take care of business they’d claimed. Nyx hoped that business didn’t have to deal with picking up some kind of cake. They were going to turn into two dead mates if they thought they were throwing some kind of party.

Before anyone could say anything, the most annoying song in the world started echoing out of the box. Nyx glared at it and thought about grabbing one of the knives attached to her wrists and stabbing until the song ended.

“It’s not going to be as bad as you think,” Walt said. “They’re just doing something nice for you.”

As the stupid birthday song Nyx had never heard sung specifically to her before continued to play, she tore the lid off the box and stared inside to find a phone.

Picking up the phone, Nyx couldn’t hide the annoyance in her voice as she answered. “Hello?”