Monday, November 21, 2016

Goals for 2017

I know it's not even December yet, but like every year, I'm starting to think about what I want to get done next year. Part of me misses the days when I wrote a new book every month and moved on to something else. It often takes longer than writing the book itself to go through and try to get a book ready to publish.

I just looked back at the list of things I wanted to get done last year, and it looks the Five for Fighting series took away from me getting the Argonauts and Daughter of Gaia series third books. I was happy to get Nightwalker tied up, though, and it looks like I'm right around the goal I have in my head to write six books a year. One of those books may not be published until early next year, but I have written it.

So, what do I want to get done in 2017? We'll move Argonauts and Gaia right along and hopefully check those off the list. The book I mentioned having written, but not yet publishing, has at least 3 other books to follow it, bringing me up to five books on my radar.

That being said, I know my mind doesn't always stay committed to a straight course of action when it comes to writing. That makes it silly for me to try to make any kind of commitments, but I always like to give myself a challenge.

Well, it's a day off work for me and I'm making cupcakes and watching romance movies, so I should probably get back to that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of those of you who will be celebrating the holiday this week.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yes, I am still alive

With the days getting darker earlier and more often, my writing seems to have followed suit. After finishing the fifth story in my fun hockey series, I've gone back to my more paranormal roots and added some time travel into the story I'm working on now.

As with most stories, this one started as a dream that took on a life of its own. It's been a fun story to write and I'm now to the editing part. As I hope you know, I often share my works in progress between two different sites, hoping to get reaction and feedback. I'm only through the initial edit up to chapter sixteen as of this moment, but hope to get the other fourteen chapters done within the next week.

Links to check it out if you wanted to see where my not-always-sane mind has ended up: Wattpad | Write On

And a brief blurb and the working cover, just for fun.

Krinla has only ever known one way of life – a sheltered one. As a Dracul princess, she believes that’s the way things are. Knowing that doesn’t mean the desire to feel freedom isn’t something unknown to her. Trips outside the fortress she calls home happen occasionally, just not as often as the almost eighteen-year-old wants.

That all changes the day Krinla starts smelling something out of place.

It takes her a while to track down what the sugary smell is. When she finds the man behind it, her life starts on a roller coaster ride hundreds of years in the making.

Will finding Hunter solve all her problems? Or will the couple learn that finding each other only leads to sorrow?