Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/17/2016 Update

It has been a crazy two weeks. I've been so motivated to get Nelson's story written that in fourteen short days I had the rough draft all typed out. The word count currently sits a little lower than Game Misconduct, but the chapter length remained the same. I spent yesterday and today going through and doing the first edit - changing things in the beginning to match how it played out.

It ended up turning out better than the hot mess I thought was happening when I was typing along. Okay, a lot better. I'm usually skeptical when I do my seat of the pants writing (the only way I know to write). Almost every time I'm sure it's going to end up horrible, and every time I'm surprised.

So now it's on to letting some other folks take a look and tell me I'm crazy for loving the story. If anyone has a big desire for tearing me to pieces, I'm always looking for beta readers or critiquers who want to share what they think. Just send me an email at, and I'll send you a copy.

Otherwise, I'm hoping for a late March debut. I still have to write a synopsis for it, but it will basically be something like this (oh and check out the cover I've been working on - it helps to block the synopsis so you can read the spoiler alert)


Nelson Palmer has a knack for finding drama in his life. You don't have to look any further than the fact that his sister once tried to kill one of his best friends to prove it. He thought he was in for a break from chaos, but when his oldest friend sends him a text saying she's pregnant, his life turns upside down. After a night out with his hockey teammates, Nelson isn't exactly sure what led to the pregnancy, but he's ready to take responsibility.

Annie Lake has loved Nelson for over a decade. She's watched as girlfriend after girlfriend came and went, without Nelson noticing what was right in front of him. She hadn't expected to get pregnant on the wild night he seemed to finally see her as more than friend. It was a dream come true for her, right up until the moment he woke up and had no idea why she was in his bed. Now Annie's left trying to figure out how to dodge a marriage of convenience.

Will Nelson and Annie be able to work things out? Or will the secret Annie has been keeping be too much for Nelson to handle?