Sunday, September 14, 2014

How I spent my Sunday

Now I know Sunday isn't over yet, but I've spent the day getting my head ready to revisit the world of Avery Clavens. I still have to finish up the three book twos I'm working on, which will more than likely be done in the next two weeks. I was feeling creative though, so I worked on remaking the Avery covers into something other than what they were. In doing so, I had to remember why I picked the drawings I did to begin with, and that meant laughing as I skimmed through some of those early words.

I can't wait to clean these up and potentially expand them a little bit to reflect where my writing has gone in the last two years. I'd love to be able to just write the last book, but I know I need to dive deep into the world before I write the things already playing out in my head. The ending has been hiding out in my head since I figured out what the twist in the books was going to be. I'm getting excited to finally get that ending out there.

So anyway, here are the covers I was playing with today, even the one for the book not started yet. There is a very high probability that these will all change as I work, but I'm sure everyone knows I love changing covers.