Friday, September 6, 2013

Off topic

So I'm writing a more sci-fi book and I'm about 18,000 words in, so things are going well there. I've been so consumed by it that I haven't really started proofing Nani. I'm sending it to a beta reader this week and hope to get a couple read through done early next week so it's all good to go by next Thursday or Friday.

This post really isn't about that though, I just thought I would give a little update. Today is supposed to be the last post day on the Forty Days of Dating blog. I don't know if anyone else has been following this, but I'm a sucker for weird romantic stuff. It's basically an experiment where two friends that find themselves both out of relationships decide to try dating each other for forty days, while writing diary entries each day and visiting a couples' therapist.

There have been a lot of ups and downs and with one day to go they seem to be in a really big down. It will probably take a miracle for it to work out with all the differences they post about, but you know the crazy part of me hopes it works, or at least that they try things out outside the context of the experiment.

Anyway, if you get bored today and want to read some sometimes funny, romantic, crazy, weird stuff, I suggest spending an hour or two over on their site catching up.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First edit done, bring on the proofreading

I was pleasantly surprised I didn't have to do a lot of changing like I thought I was going to have to do while I read through the first try at Nani's story. Sometimes while I'm writing ideas come later in the work and I have to remind myself to go back and add some details that makes a certain conclusion make sense. I love when I find that I go back and all the details were already in place.

I met my new goal of having over 70,000 words in a story, which is another cause for celebration for me. Usually when I start a book I know the beginning and a general ending, but thinking about how I'm going to get all the middle parts to add up to more than ten words causes me just a little bit of stress.

I know there are probably a lot of authors that write outlines so they don't have to worry about things like that, but I just don't think I would function as well with that kind of structure. Most of my best ideas just pop into my mind while I'm writing a scene and if those ideas didn't correspond with the outline, I'd probably end up throwing my laptop out the window. Yes, that'd be a bad thing.

Below is my working cover and synopsis, since I like sharing that type of thing. I'm expecting to have all proofreading and changes done by the middle of September. Time has really flown by this year; I can't believe it's already September. Now I'm starting to ramble, so I guess that means this post is done. Have a great week everyone!

Unlucky in Love is more than just a name of a dating service started by five friends. Until recently, it also accurately described each one of their personal lives. Whatever abilities the ladies have that ensure their clients find their perfect matches don’t work for them, so even after living for centuries they are still searching.

Nani has no problem matching her clients with their perfect match, but as the daughter of Eros, known in some circles as Cupid, she never trusted someone with her own heart. Having fun is all she wants to do and if a guy shows any signs of commitment, they're shown the door. It's worked for her for eons and she doesn't foresee things changing in the near future.

Heracles is pretty much the male version of Nani. He doesn't necessarily enjoy his nights with the human women he picks up at bars, but they are better than nothing in his mind. He finds one night with Nani has a lot of lasting effects and learning to deal with them is something better done while living under the same roof. It could be the most disastrous decision he ever made or they might just find there is something to that four-letter word they've both avoided their whole lives.

And just for fun, since I love running giveaways even if I have problems getting entries. I think on this one all you have to do to enter is smile.
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