Monday, July 29, 2013

Finally an update

So, I think I have another book written. I got through my chapter goal last night and am happy to see the word count ended up just over 74,000 when all was said and done. I'll go through the initial edit over the next day or two and then move on to proofreading. I'm thinking it will be ready for publishing around Aug. 15th.

If I haven't warned already, this book is quite a bit different from Nyx. I don't know what exactly I would call it, but it is a lot milder and probably a little more romancy.

Hear is the synopsis and cover that I'm currently working with. Both very well might change at some point within the next two weeks.

Calypso Tanis was a woman who lived on the run. After several centuries, she had all but perfected the art of remaining invisible. Starting a business with some newfound friends was a dangerous venture, but for the first time in her life she felt secure enough to try to settle down. Unlucky in Love, a dating service, was what the group came up with.

The name had nothing to do with their clients and everything to do with the owners own love lives. A few distinctive abilities from the group made it so the people coming to them for help always found their special someone, but the technique just didn't work on the proprietors.

Because of Callie’s past, she tried to stay behind the scenes and away from the studs looking for wives. An overbooking caused her to have to meet with their newest client and from the moment she saw him she knew something was wrong about the guy, which was too bad because he was really something to look at.

Griff Godwin was a man on a mission. He'd never be able to fully right a wrong he'd caused, but protecting the woman his actions uprooted was a good start. After hearing a rumor that she was in danger, the demi-god prepared for battle, something he had done many times in the past.

He'd been immune to womanly charms for years, but something sure started stirring when the two met face-to-face. Getting through the threat had to take priority, but learning more about each other along the way proved to reveal more than either of them expected.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Working away

I did finally pick a winner between the sci-fi novel and the other one I had started plotting in my head. I had a lot of ideas about both of them, but when I really thought about it the mythology typeish one won. As of this moment I have 27,000 words done in the week that I have been writing it. I like where it is heading and I think it is going to end how I want and make it to the 70,000 words I am hoping for.

It has been a little slow going in my mind because I have switched point of views and tense from what I am used to writing with my Nyx series. Even Avery was in first person present and I think I personally prefer it, but I have read most people hate that point of view. I think nine chapters in I am finally getting the hang of third person past tense.

I have a cover for it that I think I am happy with and even the synopsis written. I'm not ready to post them just yet, but maybe by the end of the coming week I will be far enough along that I won't mind sharing. This book is the first in a series, but unlike the Nyx series this will follow a different set of main characters in each book. All the characters are connected and we meet them in the first book. I guess pretty much everything about these books is different for me and I kind of like that.

Well, it is my birthday today and I have to get back to my insane bake-a-thon and writing in between mixing batter.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lots and lots of thinking

I have spent the past two days trying to decide what my next writing project is going to be. I am still not for sure. I have the sci-fi book that I have been thinking about for a while, but I also have this other series that I want to do involving children of Greek/Roman mythology in modern times. On top of that, there is a tea party novelette that I think needs to be told still in the Nyx world.

The ideas just don't stop coming. I told someone yesterday that I need to section off parts of my brain and put it in robots so I can get all the writing I want done. She probably thought I was joking, but it may be the only way I can get some sleep.

I have already started two parts of the sci-fi book and I kind of want to start the other book to see where exactly it is heading. Maybe I will write them at the same time. That might prove to be hilarious if I start combining the two.

I did put Clyde's story on Smashwords yesterday for anyone that wants to download it from there. Also, Lynda at Books Direct posted her review of Night Bites on her blog. I also ordered the proofs for books 2 through 7 as an early birthday present and hope to get a look at them this week. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Clyde has arrived

I always said he wasn't going to be too long and he isn't. For some reason the dang Hellhound can't be bothered to sit and write his book for long periods of time. I have uploaded the pdf on scribd like I do with my excerpts. I don't exactly love the look of it in pdf form, but I am procrastinating about putting it for free on Smashwords. I do have mobi and epub versions if anyone really prefers them. You just have to let me know and I will send your preference your way. I guess you probably want the link to the scribd doc. Here it is.

Happy Fourth of July to those from the U.S. I watched my bit of fireworks last night to try to keep away from the chaos I am sure is going to be on the roads tonight. There are a couple of TV marathons that may keep me occupied the rest of the day, so I better get back to them.