Sunday, July 14, 2013

Working away

I did finally pick a winner between the sci-fi novel and the other one I had started plotting in my head. I had a lot of ideas about both of them, but when I really thought about it the mythology typeish one won. As of this moment I have 27,000 words done in the week that I have been writing it. I like where it is heading and I think it is going to end how I want and make it to the 70,000 words I am hoping for.

It has been a little slow going in my mind because I have switched point of views and tense from what I am used to writing with my Nyx series. Even Avery was in first person present and I think I personally prefer it, but I have read most people hate that point of view. I think nine chapters in I am finally getting the hang of third person past tense.

I have a cover for it that I think I am happy with and even the synopsis written. I'm not ready to post them just yet, but maybe by the end of the coming week I will be far enough along that I won't mind sharing. This book is the first in a series, but unlike the Nyx series this will follow a different set of main characters in each book. All the characters are connected and we meet them in the first book. I guess pretty much everything about these books is different for me and I kind of like that.

Well, it is my birthday today and I have to get back to my insane bake-a-thon and writing in between mixing batter.

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