Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15 Update

I'm to the point in my process where I need to take a day or two and just let the book digest in my head. I've gone through and hopefully tied up all the loose ends and just need to hit it hard with some proofreading, but I have to wait to start. I find if I just read the book, or have it read to me, too many times in a row, it gets to the point where I can't see mistakes anymore.

There was a time when I just sat down and for four days went over the whole thing and then I'd find after a day or two break that I missed easy things. So, I edit then wait at least a day and then start my audio proofing. I think it works out better that way, even though I know I can still miss stuff.

I was looking at a publishing house, I think that's what they're called, that I found on twitter last night and thought about submitting the story to them. It is a little longer than the 70,000 words they seemed to want as a max, but I'm still thinking about maybe just getting it out there. I love to just write and having to worry about the marketing part of things, which I keep saying I'm going to start doing, but then never really do, takes a little bit of the fun away.

I'm still at the point in this process where every single sale or free download, or just someone acknowledging that my work exists, excites me. I doubt I'll ever get over that, but I do want to try to get other people to enjoy my work.

If I do decide to try to submit the book, that will mean that the release date I was hoping for at the end of the month will probably be pushed back because I wouldn't want to release it on my own and actually have someone accept it. I have a feeling they won't take it anyway, just because I know I'm not for everyone. I'll have a better idea on which way I'm heading by the end of the week.

I find that I'm anxious and nervous either way. It would be nice to have someone that would do the editing and marketing stuff for me, but I hate giving up any control about the way the story goes. Maybe Between Blood won't be the one that I finally try to submit to a publishing house, but I have a feeling before too long, I'll write something that I think is ready for that step.

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