Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unlucky in Love post mortem

First, a big thank you to the reader that entered my most recent giveaway. I won't describe the spastic happy dance I did when I saw someone had entered, mainly because you would be frightened, but rest assured one happened. I don't have a lot of loyal readers, which is my own fault for not marketing and such, but the ones I do have are the best and if I could, I would give each of you a big hug. I'm one of those people that is terrified of touching others, so that's saying something.

Desma in Love did make it out into the world yesterday because I was tired of crying about the series being over by myself. It can be found on and When I started the project I really didn't know exactly where it would end up. I had just come off writing Nyx's books and wanted to do something totally different. Unlucky in Love definitely ended up different. The perspective, tense and general mood changed and a new set of characters developed for me to fall in love with.

And fall in love I did. Each character developed their own quirks and made me wish they were all my next door neighbors. I would have to do all the cooking for them because I don't think any of them women know how to do anything more than heat something up in the microwave, which is odd since they're about a zillion years old. The guys though, specifically Griff, could probably give me a run for my money in the kitchen.

I'm kind of curious who others have picked as their favorite gods and goddesses and such. It's really hard for me to pick favorites. For the gods it's a little easier for me because I've always loved Heracles. I love the other guys just as much, but if I had to pick one to be stranded with, I'm going for the one that can light things on fire.

In my head I'm making pros and cons for each goddess and I think my brain is going to explode. I seriously don't think I could pick one. Even Rhea, who I spent two books not really liking has so many things in my imaginary pro column that I wouldn't count her out.

As far as couples go, Heracles and Nani are up there, mostly because they remind me of my own marriage. However, I think Chrysaor and Hermia were my favorite. There is just a sweetness and vulnerablilty between them that I didn't find in the others.

For the characters that showed up from time-to-time, or moved in with their daughter and son-in-law with no future plans of leaving, I'm going to go with Kirill being my favorite. Poseidon is a close second, but the incubus really worked his way into my heart.

Those are my picks, so now it's your turn. I made up some pretty purple polls so you can let me know who were your faves. I'm working on a post for tomorrow about the next project I'm working on since this one has gotten way longer than I planned.

Who is your favorite goddess?
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Who is your favorite god?
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Who is your favorite couple
Calypso and Griff
Nani and Heracles
Rhea and Thad
Hermia and Chrysaor
Desma and Adonis
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Who is your favorite secondary character
The oracle
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