Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20 Update

It was first audio proofread day and I enjoyed listening to the book from beginning to end. I tried to incorporate what I've heard from three readers now. There are some parts where I'm trying to take slightly differing views and combine them for a happy medium. That seems to be the fun part of getting people's opinions. They never all quite match.

I always find myself laughing at the typos I find as I go along. They seem to be different from when I first started writing. A lot less homophones and more just actual goofs of typing or putting es instead of ed or no ly where there should be one or one where it shouldn't be.

I think as I write more, it's getting easier to pinpoint the problems as I'm going along and correct them, which makes my proofreading life a lot easier. I'll listen another time this weekend and see how things look. I'm hoping today got most of the leftover stragglers and next weekend will still work for the publishing date. That should be plenty of time for me to rewrite the whole thing, if necessary. That's of course a joke.

The dogs are telling me they need cookies, so I've got to go take care of them. I made a giveaway up last week, but had neglected to post it because of my pondering about publishing houses. I remembered it today and the entry is below if you're into entering book giveaways.

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