Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Character ramblings

Chances are better than good that this is going to end up as a short post. I say that knowing I like to ramble a lot and once I get started on a subject, I tend start typing like a crazy person. It's been a busy day, though, which has equaled no work done on Between Blood and I really want to get the thoughts finished that I fell asleep going over in my head. Sometimes it's hard to go to bed with scenes still playing in my mind, but other times I need to just turn things off to work it out.

Yesterday was a day of introducing a lot of new characters, which I tend to do on the fly. So far in the book the main characters have hung out by themselves and sadly I couldn't keep it that way. I like inflicting pain on characters and Helena and Cain have spent time getting to know each other and Helena can be a little witchy, or at least a word that rhymes with it.

There was a surprise when I started deciding who exactly this group of vampires being introduced to Helena would be and key features about them. Those details coming to light opened up even more ways that I can make Helena feel conflicted about the men in her life. You should have heard my evil laugh and seen me tapping my finger tips together.

I rarely ever know who all the characters are going to be in a book. I usually only know the main character and as I write more of the supportive cast gives me a look in what their lives are like and how they interact. My favorite unplanned character right now is Chris from Hermia in Love. If you've read that book, I'm sure you know just how much I love him.

So far in Between Blood, Cole is turning out to be my fave. I haven't even written much about him yet, but his secret past and connection with Helena has me excited. Since I left off getting ready to get into his story, I think I'll get back to work. Sorry this really has been probably my worse case of the ramblings, but I warned you to begin with I was in a crazy mood.

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