Friday, March 7, 2014

Another day, another post

Often when I look at the blogs I follow something piques my interest and I find myself clicking to see what words of wisdom I can find from others. This post, Writing—So Easy a Caveman Can Do It by Kristen Lamb caught my eye today. It's a very interesting read for any of the authors out there.

The writing I've gotten done today has been a lot of fun. I've moved on to chapter 15 and things are heating up. As I'm going along I keep finding twists that are going to come to light later in the book that keep getting better and better. I know how the general plot is going to end, but I haven't figured out exactly how I'm getting to that point.

That doesn't seem like the right wording. It's almost like I have a lot of the stuff leading up to the end figured out, but I don't know how just yet to make the ending I want happen. I hope that doesn't mean the characters are going to throw me for a loop. Ugh. I really hate when they start thinking for themselves.

I'm going to get back to it and try to talk some sense into them. Just talking about the fabled loop I mentioned has me worried they're getting ideas. In parting I'll leave you with one of the reasons my writing day has been so fun. Thanks to one of my newest characters, Grace, for this little tidbit.

“Oh. My. God. My eyes are going to need to be removed. The one good thing, and I seriously mean the only good thing, about having parents that don't really speak to each other, is the chances of walking in on them having sex is extremely low. I left you alone for ten minutes, telling you briefly that you should finally talk to Dad, and you decide to take it a step further and mount him like a rodeo woman on a horse.”

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