Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24 Update

We're in to the last week of daily updates. I am celebrating and doing my usual spastic dancing. That seems kind of rude, but I think weekly updates will be much better and I started another book today, so I'm going to get in my zone from time-to-time and making sure I post something won't always be a priority.

I haven't got through the first chapter yet, but I'm over halfway done with it and I think I know where things are going. It will be interesting to see if I keep the characters I've picked. They should suit my needs, but only time will tell, so I'll refrain from revealing the twists for now.

I thought about posting where my thoughts were going with the first 1,800 words, but I'm going to keep them a secret. I'm still deciding what the big problem the main characters will face and how many twists I can add to get there. I have a lot of ideas based on the reading I've done on the male I picked from Greek mythology.

I used a lot more gods than I had thought in Unlucky in Love and it took me a while today to pick someone that I found interesting. He isn't really a god, but I'm going to bend some myths to make it so him being alive is a possibility. The one thing I learned from writing about Greek mythology is that there are quite a few things that make immortality possible. My hero probably has a really ugly ring he's wearing or something, but I won't worry about that until he gets around to explaining himself.

I'm going to quit writing for now so I don't go against my better judgement and start posting the whole plot I see running around in my head.

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