Thursday, June 20, 2013


So, I finished doing enough audio proofreading that Night Rises is good to go to the beta readers tomorrow, which pleases me. As I wrapped up for the night, and was on my way to take my contacts out before my eyes bugged out, I drove my knee into a door frame stepping over a gate we have in place to keep the dogs out of rooms they shouldn't go.

A funny thing that not many people know about me is that I don't curse at all in real life - that is part of the reason why I have Nyx do it as often as possible. So, as my knee started immediately swelling, I just kind of hopped around a little to walk it off while thinking nice thoughts about it. Another interesting fact, I refuse to take medicine, so ice is working to numb things as I type.

I am hoping the swelling will go down by morning and just leave a neat bruise, I love those. I think tomorrow night, which for me is Friday night, I will post the first five chapters of Night Rises for those curious few who like to get a jump on things to read. I am to the point where it is just typos and grammar and such that I am fixing, so unless the people that get a look at the full thing tell me I need to scrap it all and start over, I think I can share.

Well, I am off to try to figure out how to go to sleep while keeping the ice bag in place and the dogs from jumping on my knee. I think for the first problem, I may employ a roll of duct tape and for the second one, I may go hide in the other room.

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