Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another update

I had been so busy writing and fixing the house up, we are on to fencing the side of the yard now, that it seems like I rarely ever was posting things and now I just can't stop.

I did complete a proofreading session yesterday and was shocked to find that I started seeing things I had already fixed still being wrong. I looked at my mobi and epub copies that I had made for the beta readers and the things were correct there, so I was completely perplexed. I don't know where my file that had the first round of proofreading done to it disappeared, but it is for sure vanished.

In a round about way I was able to convert the files I had to a document I could compare to my working copy and I think I got everything copied back over, in addition to the changes I was making yesterday in my second proofing. The crazy computers I own are working against me, I swear they are.

Anyway, because of the mix up, I went ahead and spent this morning doing another reading and things are looking really good as far as I am concerned. One of my betas got back to me yesterday and she liked where things went, but of course wants more. My husband told me once that he hasn't read the books because he is sure he would turn into Kathy Bates from the Stephen King book based movie Misery and force me to keep writing. I don't think things would get that drastic, but reading the email I was sent it flashed into my mind.

I really hope my beta doesn't read this and get any ideas. I think I need to go make plans to finish off the moat I am planning around the house.

Silliness aside, I am for sure things will be ready to be published by Friday now. I am making the dogs do a happy dance for me since I am busy. Since this is the final book in this story arc, I was hoping to find maybe a couple of more people to read through it before I publish, but so far pleas for beta readers haven't been very successful here. I will ask again that if anyone has read books 1 to 6 and would like to read Night Rises now, please send an email to, and tell me which format works best for you. All I ask is that you tell me if I am crazy by Wednesday, so I can either hit the button to publish or rework the crazier parts of the story.

I did decide, maybe just this morning, that I am going to spend some time working on other stories, including the quick one about Clyde, and then late this year/early next year write another seven book story arc about Nyx and what happens next in her life. I don't know that I will last that long, but I need to clear my palate just a little. I will probably write some novellas in the in between and just post the pdfs here on my site to hold everyone over until then. I have the Clyde one in the works and this current story gives me an idea for one about Phee and Sam. Any of the guards could easily have their own short story and Ben has so many I don't know where I should even start.

Let's just say I plan to keep busy and Nyx won't be far from my mind.

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