Monday, June 10, 2013

General random lines from Night Rises

I feel like I am pretty close to being back on track with Night Rises, so I am picking 5 random lines to share with you today. The small twist is I am not going to say who says what. If anyone feels like guessing, I will probably be kind enough to confirm or deny the guesses. If you are familiar with the characters, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who says what. I will try to leave spoilers out, but some lines are just too funny not to share. Also these are pre-edited and may not be what makes it to the final draft.

Why don't you come back to bed? Waking up with Alex trying to cuddle with me isn't my idea of a great way to start the morning. It felt like he was very eager to give Sophia a sibling and he was barking up the wrong tree letting me know it.

There are a few spells in place, but they are mainly for protection. There is one to keep people's language clean around Sophia and one to keep wandering eyes away from Marcus, but other than that they are all for protection. If you want any added, like sending a shock to any guy that doesn't put the toilet seat down, let me know.

I was just on my way to bake him a big batch of cookies. I think someone told me ultraviolet flavored was his favorite.

It wouldn’t work with any other girl between them. You are the glue that holds it together. They need someone strong that doesn’t need a lot of defending, even if they act like they want to do all of the protecting. They need someone that is willing to let their own agenda get altered, or thrown out the window, when it isn’t the best for everyone involved. They need you.

Do I look like a front-end loader? Is there a pile of dirt somewhere you think I can use to fill it up?

Okay now I feel like a movie trailer for a comedy that shows every single good part of the movie and you are let down when you realize that watching the movie. Not really. I think I have written a lot of good lines so far for this book. I don't have the synopsis for it yet, which reminds me I need to get that together by week's end, but the general premise is going to be about Nyx dealing with her angel side of things, learning how to fit into the new familial roles she is presented with in the book, and just maybe the Collective getting defeated.

And, since I have already been asked by one person, yes, Ben is in this one.

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