Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Wednesday, that means chaos has ensued

Well, I went ahead and hit the button last night on Amazon. Night Rises is available there as well as a e-book that consists of all seven Nyx Slaughter books for those new to the series. I will hopefully get the file formatted for Smashwords tonight and get it there also.

Lynda over at Books Direct has posted her review of Night Marks for those of you that like to read what other people think. She also still has the giveaway going for two copies if Night Calls.

I have gotten a good start on Clyde's book even with us not getting along. I think I will work on it more tonight and I hope to have something posted here sometimes Sunday. It won't be crazy long, so if you have a half an hour of free time that should be enough to get through it, maybe forty five minutes if you have to take a break to wipe your eyes after laughing so hard you cry at Clyde's shenanigans.

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