Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's always fun to see your name on the screen in a movie theater

So, this post isn't really about writing or what's going on with my two current work in progresses - still ironing out query letters there. This post is about how I spent a couple hours today in my 9 to 5 work life and ended up seeing my name on the screen for a documentary I was watching.

Sure it was just a special thanks at the very end for the work I did on the interactive digital portion that went along with the project, but I was sitting in a room full of probably a hundred people and got to see my name. I was also acknowledged at the beginning and had to stand up and wave to the crowd.

I've never had a moment like that and it was pretty cool. It was also nerve-racking for an introvert like me. I'm not a person who likes to have attention pointed at me, so when people clapped and cheered at the beginning for my introduction, I was quick to take a seat.

Anyway, that was how I spent my afternoon and now it's time to get back to those query letters, and maybe my paper mache projects.

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