Saturday, October 24, 2015

Apparently I love sitting on the edge of my seat

So, I finally did it. Query letter, synopsis and first three chapters of The Monster in the Woods were packaged together in an email this morning and sent to an agent. I know I have been threatening it for at least a month, but it took a while to get the courage together to see the task through.

Game Misconduct also was finally submitted to Kindle Scout. Hopefully sometime next week I'll have a link to share - and everyone is ready to hit the nominate button.

With both of those actions complete, I have probably a month of nail biting to wait through before I hear anything. I should've probably submitted Monster to more than one agent, but I'm taking baby steps after going crazy and self-publishing for so long.

I should've probably sought out agents long ago, but the world of the Internet makes everything so easy to just hit a button and have your work out there. You also have to actually read the Internet to figure out that isn't always the right way to get started in your writing career. People don't magically find your books like I thought they would once upon a time. Marketing is a must for a self-publishing writer, and let's face it, it's not my strong suit.

If nothing else, the path I've gone done has taught me a lot. I'm not a perfect writer, editor, proofreader; I am still too shy to put myself out there and shout from the rooftops about my work; and writing takes a lot of work, it isn't just writing a book out, slapping a cover together and hoping everyone buys it.

Well, that's my update and ramble for the day. I'll share a link to the Kindle Scout campaign as soon as I get one.

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