Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Guess what ...

If you guessed I was in a melodramatic mood this weekend, you get a gold star. Don't let anyone ever tell you that writing is an easy hobby. I'm sure there's stats about how much alcohol and caffeine the average author drinks a day to deal with some of the frustrations a writer comes across.

I don't drink anything harder than alcohol-free apple cider and it's been over a decade since I had caffeine, so I just get glum. Then I wander across the https://iwl.me/ site and laugh hysterically when I fill in chapters of my work in progresses.

I pasted in the prologue (yes, as of yesterday there is a prologue) of The Monster in the Woods and it told me it was like Anne Rice, which knowing the tone of the book is a good thing. I pasted in other chapters and it started giving me various authors, but that wasn't really the funny part.

The funny part came when I pasted in the first chapter of Game Misconduct and it came up with Stephen King. Second chapter was Ian Fleming and the third chapter was Stephen King again. Neither of those authors come to mind when I think about my little contemporary romance.

It makes me curious to see what criteria they use. It says they use word choice and writing style to compare. Evidently I should've made Game Misconduct a horror movie with a hunky spy in it.

I know it's not really looking at genre, but it was still funny to me, and it helped give me a break from working on query letters and synopses.

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