Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3-4: Night Calls free on Amazon

Just a quick post to let everyone who hasn't read the first Nyx Slaughter book know that today and tomorrow it is free on

A little bit about the series -
Nyx Slaughter's life has never been easy. She was groomed at a young age to become an assassin for the Collective, the agency that governs the paranorms of the world. She was raised to believe she was a human and an outsider from those around her. Accepting those facts, she has made the best of things and has become one heck of an assassin.

A chain reaction of events shows her there is more to her than meets the eye. She finds the paranorm world just may have a place for her, as long as they except freaks. Along the way to finding where she fits, she meets new friends and picks up some nasty enemies. She also learns that only her mother probably knows exactly what she really is and getting any kind of secrets out of that woman is dang near impossible.

There are currently five books out in the series and the last two, for now, should be ready to published by July. They are on the short side of novel length. Partly because I write how I like to read and end up leaving out long descriptions of things that I would just skim over myself. Some people don't like that, but I have heard others say they love that I give them a chance to fill in the descriptions themselves.

General consensus is that they are fun books and that is what I was going for. They each come with the following warning (prior to Night Bites, the sexual content part was not applicable) Warning: This book is the musings of a foulmouthed female assassin with Violence for a middle name. Reader discretion is advised due to language, violence, and sexual content.

So, like I said, Night Calls is free today and tomorrow for you to kick the tires a little and see if you want to dive into Nyx's world. That being said, you can now continue on with your regularly scheduled Friday. Have a nice day!

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