Monday, May 20, 2013

How to be an author when you are shy

The title is more of a question than a statement, one I am still trying to learn the answer to. I won't say I am the shyest person in the world, but I am right up there in the top ten. If it wasn't for the ability to self-publish, I guarantee my work would remain Word documents on my computer because the idea of trying to connect with an agent or publisher causes me to break out in cold sweats. The Internet helps some, but I am still afraid at times to talk to people through email and forums. How I convinced myself to start this website, I am still not sure. I don't drink alcohol so I cannot use it as an excuse. I think I got an overload of fresh air one day that made it sound like a good idea.

I do a ton of reading online for marketing ideas and they all sound great, but for someone like me it is hard to actually go to sites like Twitter and start following people that post things about my genre, as a lot of sites I read suggest. Every time I think about joining Twitter I feel stalkerish. I also don't think I have enough stuff to keep people interested in following me. I won't say I am not interesting, I just have a weird fear of saying the wrong thing that usually keeps my fingers from typing and my lips zipped. I have a feeling that talking about me not rushing out to do all this social networking and such makes me sound lazy, but that isn't the issue. I have found a few book sites that I have joined and I am working in baby steps to get networked.

I have read this now about fifty times, so I think I am just going to hit the publish button. Before I hit it though, I want to say my thoughts and prayers are with all of those that have been touched by Mother Nature the past couple of days.

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