Saturday, September 6, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 9/6 edition

This week's challenge was imagine what happens when a rogue chicken enters the scene. It's getting harder and harder to get the story told in only 500 words.

Not Your Average Stakeout

Proof that you haven't seen everything

Nyx was a lot of things, but patient wasn’t one of them. Having to sit in her car while she followed a suspect’s moves wasn’t her favorite part of the job, especially when it led her to sitting outside a house doing nothing more than staring at said house. She wasn’t alone, but she pretended her two werewolf guards and the Hellhound sitting next to her were invisible.

“It’s obviously him, right? Let’s just go in and see if the girl’s in there,” Jake suggested from the backseat.

“I guess it won’t hurt to go knock on the door. You guys have to stay here, though. Showing up in force won’t loosen the guy’s lips.”

There were noises of protest, but Nyx ignored them. Nyx was to the front door by the time she heard car doors opening and closing behind her. She hurried to knock before the others could join her. She had no background information on the guy they’d been watching, just the fact that he owned a van like the one they were looking for. It wasn’t much, but Nyx had worked with less.

Nyx tried opening door normally, but the knob didn’t turn. As she moved to put a little shoulder power into it, she was picked up and transported out of the way. Nyx watched as Jonas made opening a locked door look easy.

Before anyone stepped into the house, a chicken flew out at them. White feathers went everywhere, as the deranged-looking chicken went on the attack. Nyx wasn’t ready for it, and with its trajectory aiming right at her, she reached for her guns. She got both of them up, but a gray blur beat her to taking care of the chicken.

As soon as Clyde got his jaw clamped down on the chicken, it morphed into the body of a full-grown man. Nyx had seen a lot of crazy things, but a chicken turning into a man was up towards the top of the list.

“What do you want to do with him?” Jonas asked as he lowered down Nyx’s arms, which were both still ready to shoot something.

“He’s a chicken. How in the world is that possible?” Nyx watched as Clyde tore into the man’s ankle with his fangs.

“When you figure out how we turn into wolves, I’m sure you’ll have your answer. I suggest we just leave him. It’s going to take him a while to heal from that bite, and by then I’m sure he’ll realize kidnapping werewolves is just stupid.”

“Fine. I’m going to go get back in the car, and I expect the rest of you to join me. Clyde, let’s go.”

Jake had gone into the house and returned with the woman they were looking for. Nyx could see some burns on her body, but she was sure she’d live. Nyx thought the more scarring part of the situation would be the idea that a chicken shifter was possible, but that was just her.

I haven't been sharing the little simple covers I've been making for each story, because I'm mean, but here they are. I clearly got on a black streak after Clyde's book. I'm thinking about changing his to match the other ones.

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