Saturday, September 20, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 9/20 edition

This week's challenge was a fun one for me to try to keep in Nyx's world. It was imagine a scenario in which a pirate discovers a trove of treasures. Without a pirate in Night Owl City, I had to play a little dress up, but there was a treasure trove somewhere in the five hundred words.

The Pirate's Booty

In the end, there be treasure

“You’re joking, right?” Clyde asked as he stared at an eye patch sitting on a pile of fabric. He could also see a black hat with an overly cute white Jolly Roger on the front of it, but the eye patch was what really caught his attention.

“Someone’s gotta dress up, and it’s not going to be me.” Nyx’s face indicated she’d made up her mind and Clyde wasn’t going to be able to talk her out of it.

“Out of all the holidays you paranorms could lift off the humans, why did it have to be Halloween? And why are you so into it this year? Sophia can’t very well eat whatever it is you’re giving out.”

Clyde wouldn’t go down without a fight, but as Nyx put the clothes on the ground and started dressing him, he refrained from biting her. Clyde liked fun and games as well as the next Hellhound, but playing dress up to amuse some little kids wasn’t high on his good times list.

The only bright side he saw in the whole deal was the fact that he’d seen what they were handing out as candy, and it wasn’t what humans considered candy. Paranorms didn’t mess around with sugary crap. Guys had been in the kitchen all day cooking up crisp slices of bacon. Clyde preferred his meat bloody, without grill marks, but he could dig a little sizzling pork every now and then.

“Halloween was our holiday first, we just celebrated it a bit differently before the humans made it what it is today.” Nyx paused to look at her handiwork. Clyde saw her scrunch her nose up and squint her eyes. “That’s going to have to do. I should’ve told Jake he couldn’t go on a date. He would’ve made a better pirate.”

The doorbell rang, causing Nyx to jump up and grab Sophia, who’d been sitting on the floor close to them. Clyde was sure the baby was laughing at him, which told him he had to look like a complete idiot. Thankfully, there weren’t any mirrors around for him to see just how bad things were.

The time passed by quickly as Nyx and Sophia enjoyed handing out treats to the kids who showed up. There were more kids than Clyde expected, a memo had to have gone out there was plenty of bacon to go around. Clyde was certain a couple of the little werewolves made more than one trip.

“Why didn’t you talk me out of that?” Nyx asked when it was all over.

Clyde’s eyes were on the leftover bacon calling his name. It glistened like moon rays over a tide coming up to shore. As far as Clyde was concerned, it looked like a treasure chest filled with diamonds and gold.

“Arrgh. I be just a pirate and it be a pirate’s life for me,” Clyde said as jumped into the bacon pile and swam around in his treasure. “Let’s make Halloween a daily holiday.”

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