Saturday, September 13, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 9/13 edition

This week's challenge: imagine a scenario in which the only way out is to dance.

Just a Little Dancing

Payment for services

“You know I hate going in there.” Nyx had parked three blocks away from the store she was in no hurry to visit.

“I am well aware, but we brought Marcus for a reason,” Sebastian reminded Nyx.

Sebastian was the first to move, and after kissing Nyx on the cheek, he opened his door to get out. The two guards in the backseat wasted no time following him, while Nyx contemplated sending the rest of them in without her.

Marcus, who had been sitting behind Nyx, rapped on her window before opening Nyx’s door. Nyx got out of the car and made her way over to Sebastian. On the way to SpellBinders, Nyx kept everyone quiet. Hilda was sure to know they were on the way, but if she didn’t know until they were almost there, the chances of Hilda messing with them greatly reduced.

When they got to the door, Sebastian held it open for the group, and no one complained as Marcus entered first. Nyx followed after him while Smitty and Sebastian brought up the rear.

Hilda wasn’t out greeting customers, which wasn’t new. When Nyx showed up, if Hilda didn’t disguise the store altogether, Hilda liked to make her wait. It surprised Nyx on that particular trip, because they’d brought Marcus, and everyone knew Hilda had a thing for him.

“Hilda, we don’t have all day,” Nyx shouted as she looked around the shelves of weirdness, not reading the labels on the different bottles and vials.

“I’m so happy you came by today, Nyx.” Nyx couldn’t pick out where the voice came from, but the tone told her it was time to head for the door.

Before Nyx could take half a step, loud music started blaring and a thick fog rolled into the room. The weird smoky effect didn’t even have to get to Nyx before her toes started tapping. A second later, Sebastian had her in his arms and they were twirling around the floor.

Nyx hated dancing and she knew Hilda was at fault. She was going to kill the little evil witch, and it didn’t matter that said witch looked to be having a great time dancing around with Marcus.

When the music finally died down and the urge to dance came to an end, Nyx had every intention of strangling Hilda. Hilda saw her coming and put up a barrier between them.

“Calm down. I just wanted to test a new batch of dancing potion before I put it on the shelf, and it’s your own fault for bringing my favorite dance partner. You came to ask me questions, just consider the three hours of enjoyment a payment for whatever I’m going to tell you.”

Nyx didn’t think the payment was equal to the services she needed from Hilda, by any stretch, but Nyx knew she’d have to wait to get her revenge. Three hours of her life spent dancing was something Nyx would find a way to make Hilda pay for.

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