Sunday, September 14, 2014

How I spent my Sunday

Now I know Sunday isn't over yet, but I've spent the day getting my head ready to revisit the world of Avery Clavens. I still have to finish up the three book twos I'm working on, which will more than likely be done in the next two weeks. I was feeling creative though, so I worked on remaking the Avery covers into something other than what they were. In doing so, I had to remember why I picked the drawings I did to begin with, and that meant laughing as I skimmed through some of those early words.

I can't wait to clean these up and potentially expand them a little bit to reflect where my writing has gone in the last two years. I'd love to be able to just write the last book, but I know I need to dive deep into the world before I write the things already playing out in my head. The ending has been hiding out in my head since I figured out what the twist in the books was going to be. I'm getting excited to finally get that ending out there.

So anyway, here are the covers I was playing with today, even the one for the book not started yet. There is a very high probability that these will all change as I work, but I'm sure everyone knows I love changing covers.


  1. When are the remaining books of avery clavens novel coming out ??

    1. Hi Hibah,

      I'm hoping to have book three rewritten and up by the end of this week. It's taking me about 2-3 weeks to rework each of them and I have to write the six book, so I'm hoping to have the rest of them done by the end of January.

      Thanks so much for reading and asking your question.


    2. You're welcome. I really enjoy reading your books and waiting curiously for the rest of the books of this series .