Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So...It's been a while

It hasn't been quite two months since I've posted anything, but we're getting close. There's a few reasons for it, all of them superstitious in nature, and even though I'm still trying to be superstitious, I need a little change of luck for at least one of my superstitious things going on. Lucky everyone, that means I'm posting something today.

I think the last I left you, I'd finished The Witch's Web, which seems like forever ago now. By finished, I mean it's written and edited, not proofread. Not much has changed about that one. It's still hanging out while I wait to hear if someone likes the story enough that they want to publish it rather than just self-publishing it for myself.

During the down time I've had, I wrote two other books. All three of the books hanging out are the first in three different series. I guess I have the rest of my year cut out for me continuing on three series. There is no overlapping going on as far as paranormal elements in any of the stories, and I like to think they're pretty unique.

Here's a short description of each of the books:

The Witch's Web
A day can really change your life. If Molly was honest with herself, her life changed in just one night. The one time she decided to be a little reckless turned out to be a blessing, and everything that happened afterwards couldn't take that away from her. That one night a miracle happened and Molly's daughter was created. The Witch’s Web tells Molly’s story right after she gives birth to her daughter. In it, Molly finds her life spinning out of control when it’s revealed that the father of her little miracle isn’t just an average guy out looking for a beer after a long day at work. He’s really Jason from the Greek mythology stories her mother told her as a child, and he’s got a witch for an ex, who's determined to make sure he doesn’t have a family of his own.

Daughter of Gaia
No one ever expected Mother Nature to purge her planet when the living conditions got to a certain point, but two hundred years after The Wrath, as it’s commonly called, life goes on. Tali is one of the five-hundred million people left alive, and she’s what most would call a loner. Between going to class and fighting off unwanted affection from one of the most eligible bachelors around, Tali meets an intriguing newcomer and things get a little crazy when he turns out to be not as human as he pretends. Kidnapped by a man who grows gills when he’s in the water, Tali learns there’s a whole world out there that no one on the surface realizes.

The Nightwalker Knocks
For Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Denning, life couldn’t be more perfect. She’s working on one of the biggest cases in her career and her wedding is just around the corner. Other than the occasional sleeping through an alarm, there wasn’t a lot of drama going on in her life. Then in one day, her case is taken away from her and she finds she’s being followed by a sinister being, who even the local mob boss won’t speak of. The perfect life Ellie knew is over, and she has to learn to pick up the pieces without the support system she was used to depending on.

So I have these three books kind of sitting around and I'm to the point I think I'd like to have some beta readers take a look at them. If you're interested in one or more, you can email me at with what format works best for you and which book(s) you're interested in checking out.

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