Sunday, April 20, 2014

First line/last line

Well it's been a long month of writing. Life was so busy that I'm a little surprised I was able to write the ending lines of The Witch's Web today. It currently sits as 61K words, which puts it in the 60K-70K that I was aiming for. After I get done editing things, I foresee it being at least 64K. I've made lots of notes where I plan on expanding on what I've written. As things develop as I write, that always tends to happen.

I don't know the twists before they jump out on the page, and there are some twists I love and have to go back through and add hints that they are happening so they don't come out of nowhere. Sometimes it's fun if they do, but I like to have moments of revelation where a reader can piece together things and say that something actually made sense.

The two things I know are set in stone are the first and last lines. The first line is - "Shh. I promise life with me won't be that bad." A bunch of stuff happens in the middle, and then someone says - "How do you expect it to end, Jason? I see it turning out like all my favorite stories do, happily ever after." - and the story's over. I will say that it isn't the same person talking in both instances, and that sharing the last one might actually spoil something now that I think about it, but I haven't written a really depressing book yet, so we can assume the male lead isn't going to die.

And now that I say that, I feel the need to go kill him. See this is what happens when I start thinking about things. I'm going to go pretend we never had this conversation.

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