Saturday, June 14, 2014

My newest obsession

So, it may have been mentioned before that the New York Rangers are my favorite hockey team. Sadly, they didn't end up winning the Stanley Cup. I was a little depressed last night after the double overtime goal for the Kings, but with how the year started for the team, second place isn't bad. There was a time we sat round in my house and wondered who we'd have to cheer for instead.

I'm still paying attention to the AHL Calder Cup playoffs, mostly because I'm a hockey nut and I'm hoping next year my local team will be there. The local team's season has been over a while now and I'm anticipating the start to next season. It's only like a hundred and twenty days a way. I guess to buy some time I'll have to keep busy writing.

Anyway, I actually didn't start this post to talk about hockey. It just tends to be on my mind. I wanted to talk about Penny Dreadful and ask if anyone out there was obsessed with the show as I am. Sunday's cannot come soon enough for me. I hate that it's only an eight episode season. I've seen that it's picked up for a ten episode second season, and I'm ready for that one to start like two weeks ago.

The only thing I'm sad about is that it's on Showtime and I don't know anyone else that I'm friends with, I'd settled for an acquaintance, to talk about it with because my usual TV watching mate doesn't have Showtime. I have to replay all the scenes in my head and talk about them with myself. Okay not really, the dogs are usually involved. Now that I'm back to having a bit of an online presence, I'm hoping to find others that have fallen in love with the show and need to discuss what happened each week.

This is kind of fair warning if you for some reason keep up with my Tweets that tomorrow night is going to be full of "OMG I can't believe she just did that" (because Vanessa tends to cause that reaction with me) and "Victor is in some trouble, but he remains my favorite male character" and "Come on. I want to see the Dorian Gray painting". Maybe if I just list everything now, I'll be able to get it out of my system. Probably not, so I better get back to watching some DVRd Pawn Stars and prepare to still have a full day to wait for Penny.

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