Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another week's past and another book's started

So I hadn't heard a word back from the publisher I submitted The Witch's Web to and after two months, I decided I didn't want to wait any longer. That led me to withdrawing the submission and publishing all three of the books I've been working on last night. As you can see, I do absolutely no build up and marketing before days like this, but I like to write and not hype things up. Even though these are my new favorite books. I think I say that at the end of every single book I write, but Daughter of Gaia is quickly moving to be my favorite.

While I worked on the audio proofreading of these three, the strangest thing happened. My husband finally listened along with me. Those of you that have been with me over the last two years while I figured out my voice as an author, know I've been promised for a very long time that he would read my books. Listening isn't exactly the same thing as reading them, but he was honestly intrigued by the books and could really see where I put parts of myself in each book. The computer generated voice and choppy reading kind of drove him crazy, but he's married to me, so he's already been driven way past the point of crazy.

I've just gotten through the first chapter of the follow up book to Daughter of Gaia. I've been told I need to get it written immediately before my best friend ends up going Kathy Bates a la Misery on me. As much as I like to torture said friend, it is the easiest second book for me to write, so I expect we'll be seeing Queen of Aquima in a rough form by the end of July.

Well, I'm going to get back to writing, but here are links to the books on Amazon if you're interested in checking them out. Currently, they are only on Amazon as I've enrolled them in KDP Select for a little while. I didn't have a ton of success with the program the first few times I used it, but we'll see if it doesn't work better this time.

Happy reading!

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