Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's a start

As an independent author just starting out, I thought starting my own blogging page might be a good way to connect with readers. I have read many blogs in my day, but never thought I would find a topic to actually warrant starting one.

I read about other indie authors promoting their new books on their websites, Facebook and Twitter all the time, but cannot bring myself to totally go nuts and join all the different social media platforms out there. Maybe one day that will happen, however, I think cows will rule the world by then.

I tend to be a very private person, so you won't find a ton about my personal life here, but my stories are another story. I have always loved reading and after getting a Nook Tablet a couple Christmases back, I went nuts downloading e-books. I read so many that eventually my mind started coming up with other worlds and tales. It got to the point that I had to start writing them down and my first female character, Avery, was born.

My Avery Clavens books are currently hanging out on There is one more that needs to be written, but I got distracted by another strong female character and her world. My time now is spent figuring out where to take my Nyx Slaughter series. I am working on the fourth book at this moment and expect it to be done and self-published within a month or so.

My stories aren't extremely long, averaging around 53,000 words or 150 pages and would be considered part of the paranormal genre. Some of them could be combined to make larger books, and I might just do that one of these days, but for now I like the length and the pace that I am working at.

It takes me around two weeks to type out my stories. With the Nyx series, I have been working for at least another week on top of that to try to get it edited. I have seen a few versions floating around that are not the final versions I have published, just a word to the wise. 

My process includes a friend reading through them and pointing out a lot of mistakes, but I also spend another few days having my computer read me each paragraph to make sure I haven't left words out or missed explaining something. 

I am sure the finished books aren't perfect, but I don't think any leftover issues detract from the story itself. If writing ever becomes more than a hobby for me, I am sure I will have copy editors correcting the things I miss.

So far, it has been a fun process. I have ideas for at least three other Nyx books after this fourth one is done, as well as that last Avery book floating in my head. That should keep me busy for a little while.

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