Sunday, March 10, 2013

A few of my favorite things - book version

As I have mentioned, I love to read and with that comes favorite authors, books, and genres. This is just a post highlighting some of my favorites.

1) Favorite genre
Right now, I am stuck in the paranormal world. I love romance books in general, but add vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, mages, angels, ghosts, fae, etc and you have me hooked.

2) Favorite book within the genre
At this point, I am wondering why I decided to torture myself even making this post. I have so many books that I love that it is almost impossible to pick just one. I will go with Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning. I love that series and the ending wrapped it up nicely. I hear there are going to be more books and as long as they aren't the books following Dani from the series, I will be checking them out.

3) Favorite author within the genre
This one I do think I am going to split. Since she got the nod for favorite book KMM also gets a nod for being on of my favorites. The other author I wouldn't miss a book from is Laurell K. Hamilton. The Anita Blake series is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, even though it has gone a little off the deep end at times.

4) Favorite series within the genre
Great question. One without a clear answer. I have already listed two of my favorites, so I will list some others because it is impossible to pick one. Cassandra Palmer, Gardella Vampire Chronicles, and Vampire Memories are going to get my votes for now.

5) Favorite male character
Jericho Z. Barrons from the Fever series by KMM. Not much else to say about that one. There are other guys I really like, but I tend to compare them all to Barrons.

6) Favorite female character
Oh I don't know. I would say Anita Blake, if I could erase from my mind all the time she spends in the bedroom these days. Since I cannot think of another female at the moment that is going to have to do.

7) Favorite book outside the genre
Would you believe me if I said I don't know? It has been so long since I have read outside the paranormal world that I would need to do some rereading to figure out an answer. It would most likely be a book in the romance genre, but whether it was historical, western, or contemporary. I don't know. It would probably be a Highlander historical just because I really enjoy reading about that time period. One that meets that requirement and comes to mind is The Secret by Julie Garwood. Not sure it is my favorite without doing that previously mentioned rereading, but I do remember enjoying it.

8) Favorite author outside the genre
This depends on my mood most days. I love Brenda Novak and Julie Garwood.

9) Favorite series outside the genre
I am going with the Stillwater Trilogy by Brenda Novak. I had gone a long time without reading and came across the first book of this series and couldn't put it down. The next two followed suit shortly after. I have other series I like, but I will always remember this one because of it reawakening my love of reading.

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