Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gotta love technology

I love computers, but last night after finishing editing and publishing the fourth installment of the Nyx Slaughter series, technology got the best of me. It was total user error on my part, but when I was copying the fourth book between the couple different files I have to format, I accidentally saved over the chapter and a half of the fifth book that I had started.

Anyway, it was only two chapters so not the end of the world. I know for the most part what I wrote, but probably won't get it exactly the same. It reminds me that I need to save to my server a little bit more often. I tend to save and work off a flash drive because I like to carry my books around with me. If I would have had it saved on any of my computers, even if I saved over that version, my Windows could have probably recovered it from a previous version, but I guess it is just a lesson learned.

I think I am finally done reading through and editing the first four books. I did a recheck on the first three just to try to bring everything to the surface of my brain as I prepare to write the next book. I even think I fixed a few places in the first one where things might have been confusing.

I know what is going to happen in the fifth and sixth books and have some great ideas for the seventh that will probably change slightly depending on the next two. I have been thinking that the seventh will bring an end to the particular story arc and path that Nyx has been set on from the first book. I will leave room to continue on past seven, but I would like to move on to some other ideas that are floating in my head. This also will pair all of the companion novels nicely so I can later group them into good size full length novels instead of barely brushing the bottom level of novel based on word count.

Even though I do have another book outside of Nyx's world started, I think I am going to go ahead and spend the next few months finishing up this series. Since they are already written in my mind, I don't think it will take long to get them typed out. I have written nine books now that meet my 50,000 word minimum and the longest it has taken me to get to that word count is sixteen days or so. Five of the books aren't edited much at all, but the ones that have been, added on at least another week after the roughly two week writing process to make corrections.

Aside from books, I found out today that eating too many jelly beans gives me a headache. I guess that means it is time for bed.

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