Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A new adventure

Why won't my brain shut off? Obviously, I don't really want it to stop working, but when I'm playing around with one book, it would be really freaking nice if it quite coming up with new characters it wanted me to write about. And why, brain, did you all of a sudden go really dark?

I've decided the story it wants me to tell would work well as a serial, which if you're not hip on what that is, it's just a way to say that the story is posted one chapter at a time for the world to read. After spending the long weekend searching the Internet for sites that host serials, I decided I wanted to try out the Jukepop site.

For this kind of story telling, I could've used wattpad or writeon and just directed my readers to read there, but Jukepop gives incentives for readers voting for your stories - incentives equals money in this instance - so I thought it might be interesting to see what happens. I'm still learning about their system, but the serial I'm started has already been accepted to the program.

What's the story? Very good question. I've gone with the title "The Monster in the Woods" and here's the really quick synopsis based on what my brain is currently sharing about the story.
After being held captive for almost a year, Britta sees a chance to escape the monsters who killed her family. The only problem is that her freedom means facing a different kind of monster. The kind that has sharp teeth and hasn’t met a person it didn’t kill.

I've got an idea where things will go, but who knows what twists I will come up with. I'm currently planning on posting updates Mondays and Thursdays - eventually I may back that down to just once a week depending on readership.

So, how can you find this new story? Go to The first chapter is up, and I should have a new one for tomorrow. I'll post on Twitter when new ones are released, so make sure you're following me, and pretty, pretty please hit the +vote button on each of the chapters you read. I'd really like to see if they do pay money for being in the top 30 for votes.

Also, please don't forget to vote for The Witch's Web in the Hidden Gems contest:

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