Saturday, August 22, 2015

How do months just go by?

I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that a month has gone by since the last time I posted anything. Seriously, how does time just fly like that?

I jumped right into the contemporary romance I was working on, and ended up leaving The Call and The Pull on the back burner. It wasn't very nice of me, but I'm trying to focus more on getting something out there that a publisher will maybe pick up instead of just self-publishing everything. That tends to mean the quick month of writing it usually takes to turn out a story is stretched out for at least a month or two as I wait for someone to tell me whether they like my book or not.

One of my biggest problems when I end up finishing a book and reading it over and over a handful of times to try to find all the issues is that I never feel it's good enough. I've said before that I don't like giving up control of my stories, and so far never have, but a part of me really wants something that tells me that what I've written is good enough to have someone else publish it.

I think more than just the fact that my brain won't stop coming up with new stories to tell, I write because it's a way for me to connect with people. I've always been horribly shy, which is why you will very rarely find a picture of me somewhere or things I write on my blog or in emails come out somewhat stiff.

Writing has given me the ability to grow a thicker skin and express myself in a way I don't think possible in my daily life. I'm not really sure how I got going down this road for this post, but I guess it's been something on my mind lately.

In actual writing news, I have finished up Game Misconduct, which is my first foray into contemporary romance without things that go bump in the night. Here's the kind of quick working description of what the book is about.
As a star hockey player, Dylan Jones never had a problem finding women who wanted to spend time with him. The problem was he didn't want just any woman. He wanted the one who yelled what she thought of his skills during every game, and she didn't mince words. When he finally comes face-to-face with his number one fan, he finds out that falling in love with a woman you've never met doesn't prepare you for the reality you're in store for trying to convince her you're the man of her dreams.
It ended up being an interesting book to write. I thought it would be hard not to throw a vampire or werewolf or Greek deity in there, but since it was about hockey and I may have worked my new love for tiny homes in there, it turned out pretty good.

I'm currently deciding exactly what I'm going to do with it. Part of me says try the Kindle Scout route again even if it didn't work with The Call. Towards the end of the run, The Call had three straight days with the Hot label. I just need to figure out how to get people interested from the start. I had great plans of a social media campaign, but then I got a little freaked out or something and kept silent.

If I do decide to roll the dice and try again, I will apologize now to anyone who follows me on Twitter, because I will be campaigning hard for Game Misconduct. I have most of next week off, so I'll know by then what I'm going to do. During that time I'll also give The Call and The Pull final reads and get them out there. I'm sorry for anyone who was excited to get those read. They'll see the light of day soon.

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