Saturday, July 25, 2015

Music for my brain

Happy Saturday! Another week gone by and the characters in my head haven't driven me insane. I call that a good week.

This week has been focused on a contemporary romance (cr) that I've had playing out in my head for a while. I've dabbled in cr once before, and have a book that had about six chapters written before one of my other books took over and it went on the back burner. Note to self: Get back to that book one of these days.

As I'm listening to Bruno Mars this morning while working on the current cr, I'm considering pen names to use for it. Since it's nothing like my paranormal/sci-fi books, I'd like to write it under a different name. Which more than likely means a new website and social identity to go along with it. That terrifies me to no end. I have trouble keeping up with the accounts I already have.

What are your feelings about authors writing under different names? Do you think different genres should have that kind of division? Authors out there, do you have more than one name you write under?

As far as my two latest paranormal books, they'll be coming out in the next week or so. I wanted to take a little break and then read them over again. I usually get too excited and publish things immediately. This time I'm taking things slow.

As I mentioned in my last note, I'm thinking about doing something with social media to gain more followers. So, anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or this blog will have the ability to download a free book. Each follow equals a book, so up to four free books.

If you already follow, you aren't left out. Just contact me via personal/direct message on any of those platforms and let me know what book(s) you'd like. I'll send you a Smashwords coupon code(s) for the book(s) and it's(their) yours. Like I said, the new books will be out within two weeks, so you may have a little wait if you want those, but they are included in the available for free pile.

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