Saturday, November 8, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 11/8 edition

Another weekend, another short story. This week's challenge was in 500 words write about a scenario where a character receives news they have long awaited for. In the world of Nyx, one thing immediately jumped to my mind. There's an item Nyx has always wanted and it's about time she got it, along with a reason for having it.

Best News Ever

Good things come to those who wait

“Is the blindfold really necessary?” Nyx wasn’t sure how they’d managed to get it on her in the first place, but she’d found her limit as far as wearing one went.

No one replied and Nyx felt the urge to punch the closest person to her. Since that was Sebastian, who happened to be carrying their daughter, she decided to save it for another time.

The day had started off pretty normal. Sophia woke the house up and Nyx had already eaten her two platefuls of bacon. With Sophia nursing, Nyx found she needed to eat more to keep her energy up.

It was just after she’d finished her last bite that Alex revealed they had big news for her, but in order to find out what the news was, she had to wear a blindfold. They caught her during a moment of weakness, when she was still a bit sleepy and had a full belly, and she went along with their game.

Ever since they opened the door out to the backyard, Nyx had picked up an overwhelming smell of metal mixed with oil. It was one of her favorite fragrances. She didn’t want to get her hopes up, but it was hard not to when she could think of only one thing that would give off that particular odor in large quantities, and it wasn’t a new car.

Before anyone could stop her, she ripped the blindfold off her face and stared at amazement in the direction of something she’d wanted for years. The few people in her way hurried to the side as she ran the twenty feet needed to reach her boon.

“It’s an M777A2. And you’ve even bought the 155 mm rounds to go with it.”

Nyx was a little surprised to find a pile of ten rounds next to the cannon. Not that the weapon didn’t need them to work, but she always assumed she’d need to provide the ammunition if she ever convinced anyone to buy her toy for her.

“That’s where the news part of this comes in. The cannon is a present, of course. You’ve wanted one since you were a little girl, at least that’s what we’ve heard over and over, and now you finally have one to call your own. The good news is we’ve got something picked out for you to use as target practice.”

Alex’s voice barely registered, even though he had moved to stand a few feet away from the cannon. Nyx was busy circling her gift. She’d studied the model enough to know everything there was to know about it, and she was just making sure everything looked in order.

“You’re telling me not only did you finally break down and get me this beauty, but you’re also going to let me use it?”

Nyx’s eyes met Alex’s as he nodded. Nyx didn’t care what they wanted her to target. Second to giving birth to her daughter, it was the best day of her life.

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