Saturday, November 22, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 11/22 edition

The regular challenges were back this week and after putting the finishing touches on Working Through the Weekend, and uploading it to Smashwords, I got to work on the "imagine a dinner party where a secret may be revealed" challenge.

Thankfully it didn't take me too long to write a quick 500 words and get it posted. I'm ready to move on to the next Avery book. Things are getting intense and I'm trying to remember exactly where I took it next. I remember book five, and where book four took place, but I can't remember exactly what happens. I think it's the one that introduces a new female character who knows what's going on, but that could be book five.

Anyway, on to that for me while you take a look at my short story of the week or check on the latest Avery story. Have a great weekend, everyone!

An Unwelcome Demon

What do you serve a house guest who eats human hearts?

“Why did you agree to have him over for dinner? It hasn’t slipped your notice that his preferred meal choice is human hearts, has it?” Nyx didn’t bother muting her voice.

Nyx was pissed at Ben, and she didn’t appreciate the demon sitting in the next room, stinking up her house. It’d been months since it was revealed he’d known her mother was Lucifer, and he’d chosen to keep the information from Nyx.

That was about the same time he’d inadvertently had a hand in getting her pregnant, not that any of his DNA was involved. His magical birth control sucked, though.

“Can you please calm down a little? The stress isn’t good for the baby.” Sebastian had tried to get Nyx to sign up for meditation classes to no avail.

“He lied to me. I don’t want him around here.” Nyx clutched her fists together, trying to prevent herself from hitting something.

“Your mom seemed to know quite a bit about Peanut, and being a close confidant, Ben may have heard what exactly we’ve made.”

“We made a baby, Sebastian. Would you like me to describe how exactly that process worked? Our bond was severed and in a fit of desperation to reconnect, we threw our clothes off ...”

“As much fun as this conversation sounds, I think I’m going to stop it right there,” Ben said interrupting from the doorway to the kitchen. “I don’t like the thought of everyone knowing about that beautiful moment in your relationship.”

“I’m pretty sure everyone already knows. Why aren’t you out enjoying our substitution for hearts?” Nyx kept her eyes on Sebastian, looking at Ben made her furious.

“I’ve given hearts up for a little while. I guess that’s as good as any segue to why I really came in here to interrupt. I’ve cut ties with your mother, I thought that was pretty obvious after how things went down. Whether you like it or not, Nyx, you’re the most important woman in my life, and I’ll do everything I can to get back on your good side.”

Sebastian took it upon himself to fill a pause in the conversation. “So, you can’t tell us anything about our daughter.”

“Wish I could, but other than I’m sure she’ll be healthy and look like her mother, nope. Fatherhood is an amazing experience, Sebastian, not that I know personally. Don’t let the questions of what will be get in the way of enjoying what you have in front of you. I’ll leave you to finish your dinner without me. Remember, if you ever need anything, just call, Nyx.”

Ben disappeared from the room, without any fanfare. Nyx was left feeling a bit restless. Learning more about their baby was a great idea, but it seemed not many people had a clue what to expect.

“I’m hungry,” Nyx said, stomping off into the other room. With as big as her stomach was, they’d learn soon enough if there were any secrets about their baby.

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