Monday, August 5, 2013

Giveaway for Calypso in Love

I'm getting to the end of the editing so things are looking good to go for a release date of Aug. 15th. In honor of the new book, I'm running a giveaway for 5 ebook copies to be sent out on Aug. 14th. You only have 8 days to enter, so hop to it.

About the book
Unlucky in Love is more than just a name of a dating service started by five friends. It also accurately describes each one of their personal lives. Whatever abilities the ladies have that ensure their clients find their perfect matches don’t work for them, so even after living for centuries they are still searching.

Calypso Tanis gave up the fight before it even started. She was taught at a young age love was a foolish emotion that didn't deserve any consideration. After living all her life in the shadows, she finally decided to come out and for years things went well for her. Then Griff Godwin stepped into her office and all heck broke lose.

Griff was a man on a mission to help the woman his actions forever altered. He wasn’t expecting the emotions he felt when he met her in person, though. Something about Callie made him question his sanity in taking on the task of keeping her alive. He didn't have a choice in the matter, so they were going to have to learn to get along or kill each other trying.

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