Friday, August 16, 2013

Calypso in Love is out

I went ahead and hit all the buttons late on Wednesday, so Calypso would be live on the 15th as promised. Then of course I sat around nervous trying to decide whether or not to even promote it. I really ended up liking the approach and world totally different from Nyx, but I'm just scared others won't see it as cool as I do. That's the way I am about pretty much anything I work on though so it's to be expected. Obviously I thought the story was cool because I'm already halfway through with the next one and I have the other three in the series' plots pretty well figured out.

I've enrolled the book in KDP Select so it will only be available on Amazon for the next three months. You can check the book out here: super cool link! I'd love to hear what anybody thinks after reading it even if you don't want to leave a comment or a review somewhere. My email address is still, so if you read it and still think I'm pretty insane let me know.

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