Saturday, April 13, 2013

Help choose a new character's name

So I am pretty sure about 5 people have found my blog and actually follow my posts. I haven't promoted it really anywhere, which makes that number not at all surprising. I am trying to find ways to get some user interaction and I landed on creating a poll to help me name a new character.

The new character appears at the end of the 5th book, but wasn't officially named yet. I have at least one or two names that I am leaning towards and I was hoping to have some help making a final decision. I added a couple more names to my initial list and came up with the poll below.

I cannot really give away who the character is going to be, but she is female, young, and will be in the rest of the books. The name will also be featured on the cover for book 7. If you have a name you like better, leave a comment and I may just add it to the poll.

Poll will be open for the rest of the week. I would like to have the cover completed by next weekend.

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