Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another book down

I have made it to my goal as far as words go for the fifth book. I am so happy with where I drove the end of it. Part of me feels like I have fallen off my rocker because of it, but I just cannot help be practically giddy over what happens. I don't think this one has as many twists and turns as the other books so far. It does contain the big reveal on just what Nyx is and I guess that could be considered a twist. From the beginning I knew how that was going to turn out, but I did put a slight adjustment on what I originally planned for her mother.

I have done the initial spell check and am fixing to convert my document to a pdf so I can spend the next few days having my computer read it to me while I follow along and fix the parts where my fingers weren't listening to my brain. I am hoping by Friday to have my initial advanced reading copy ready to go out to the people that cannot wait for me to mark it as totally edited. The plan is to listen to it about three times this week and then set it aside until a day or two before I plan to put it on Amazon. At that point, I will sit down and read it normally and hopefully there won't be more than a few commas running amok.

In the meantime, the sixth book is already writing itself in my mind. The first line is picked out and as soon as I get some editing done I plan to launch right into it. I waited to start this fifth book, but I don't think I will be able to do that with the sixth.

That's about it for tonight. In parting here is one of my favorite lines from Night Lurks. It, of course, comes from Clyde and is said right after Alex calls him peculiar.

“Am not. Tell him to quit talking smack. I will graduate from chewing on his shoes to peeing on his porn collection if he isn’t nice."

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