Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finally a synopsis for Night Finds

Since Night Lurks has been out for a whole three days, I know everyone has been dying to find out what the next book will be about. I am over halfway done with it now so I feel confidant that I won't decide to make it about something completely different. Here is the idea (I don't think it really spoils the big reveals that take place in Night Lurks):

Meeting my mom did not go exactly as I had always envisioned it, but at least I wasn't sent on a mission to kill her. I still think the world may be a better place if that was a possibility though. It has been a couple of weeks since that great day and my life is moving forward at the speed of light.

Plans are being made to welcome another new family member and that necessitates a change of venue from my cherished penthouse apartment. I knew it was coming, but I tried to avoid it for as long as possible. It is a good thing I don't totally hate the new place.

I only have a chance to spend one night before I receive a call from my father, the non-biological one. It turns out the Collective hasn't given up on me, yet, and they think kidnapping my real father is the way to win my heart. They are hilarious.

The gang and I have to rush to the rescue. With the new family member making my life just a little bit difficult, I have to rely heavily on my family and friends. It turns out there are some people I didn't know belonged in either one of those categories, but it nice to have them along.

Things are still progressing as planned, which leads me to believe this installment will be ready by the end of May. I won't give an exact date, just yet, because I tend to try to hurry things along when I have deadlines.

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