Sunday, November 8, 2015

The pains of being relegated to the last page

Happy November, one of my favorite months. I have a lot of those it seems, but I'm hoping November pops up on that list for many reasons in the weeks to come. It's been a busy hockey month already for me, and I'm getting ready to head to another game. I wanted to stop in and give a little update on where things currently sit with The Monster in the Woods and Game Misconduct.

Update: There is no update.

I haven't heard anything back from my agent query for Monster, which is to be expected. It's only been a couple of weeks, and I'm sure the stack of queries before me wasn't small. I may have mentioned that I only sent it to one person to start with, but I have a secondary list ready to go once I hear, or don't hear anything.

As far as GM, well after the end of campaign success I thought I had with The Call, I kind of expected things to be going a little better. It doesn't help that for almost a solid week the book has been the very last one in the listings for romance, no movement at all when I check multiple times a day. That probably means that it isn't getting very many eyeballs on it.

I need some help changing that. I know that most of the people who read my books probably lean more towards fantasy storylines, but GM has the same kind of feel as a lot of my stories. I just decided no one needed to sprout fur. Hockey players are already superheroes in my mind - I almost fainted just last night when I was waiting in line for something at a game and one ran by me for a pregame jog (I'm sure the fainting was just a matter of him being my favorite player).

Anyway, back to GM. Please take a second to check it out on Kindle Scout,, and if you can find a hundred friends to also check it out, I will love you forever and ever :)

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