Monday, January 6, 2014

Hermia, Hermia, Hermia

Hmm. I wonder what is on my mind. It my be the fact that I just completed the first draft of Hermia in Love and I'm super excited about it. This weekend the words just kept flowing and I was able to write almost twenty thousand words over three days. Ideas and twists that I just didn't know were going to happen kept escaping from my brain and ended up making a really good story to lead into the last one. Of course I may be a little biased. I don't have much more to write right now. I'm going to take a few days to edit, wait for beta reader feedback and work on a synopsis. Then I'll be ready for the fun proofreading process. I do have a cover to share, but I'm still thinking about it. I have another version and I may throw darts to decide on the one I like best.

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