Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dreams can be a really bad thing

I've been kind of out of touch with the Internet for little bit now. I'm still checking email and posting things here and there to let people know I'm alive, but I'm really getting in to the fourth Unlucky in Love book. Things are really getting out of control and Zeus showing up in town is really not a good thing.

I think in the other three books I've adequately portrayed him as a deadbeat dad that really enjoyed the activity that usually created more children. Thankfully at some point in time he stopped being able to have children, but that hasn't really stopped him from still enjoying that act that causes them. We're down to two goddesses that haven't bonded with one of the gods and since the book is called Hermia in Love, you can kind of guess who he zeroes in on.

This book has a lot of back story on who Chrysaor and Hermia really are. Both put up fronts to cover details they aren't comfortable with about their lives and it has been fun dissecting who I want them to be. I always do a little bit of research on what Greek mythology says about my characters, but I love adding my own twist and I'm often surprised at how well parts of their backstories that I hadn't really read about work perfectly into my tales.

I've really been actually writing for only about a week and over 25,000 words makes me happy since I've at times felt blocked. I finished getting Rhea in Love published and had to sort through the ideas of where things should go. There had been a lot of things hinted at happening in the earlier books and with only two books left to go, I've had to find ways to make sure those things happen.

I'm happy to say that pretty much all of the hints have been covered now and I'm moving towards dealing with the aftermath of some of those things. It should make for a really interesting book and I've got a lot of the events that will make up the rest of the book already plotted out in my head, including the ending.

As far as the blog's title about dreams being bad, I had another fun book play out in my mind as I tried to decide whether I wanted to wake up or stay asleep this morning. It is actually more of a YA book and I took down some notes to make sure I didn't forget, but it's really hard not to start writing it. The characters seemed really interesting and the world is bound to be a fun place for me to visit.

It's really hard when ideas hit you like that. I'm committed to Hermia and Chrys right now though. When I've got their story all worked out, then I'll make the decision of whether the last deity couple gets my attention or rebellious teenage werewolves need to be put in their place. Then again, I have about five other book ideas written as notes and even have a couple of them started out and of course Avery is always there. I've been thinking a lot about her recently and have plans to take the five current books, with an addition of a sixth final one, and somehow work them into three books that hopefully takes all the things I've learned since I first wrote them and polishes them up to really good reads.

Until then, I'll be typing away on my netbook trying to figure out whether my idea for dealing with Zeus will actually be how things end up.

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