Sunday, November 19, 2017

New book currently on Kindle Scout

So I'm going to have to ask for your help again. I know, I'm so needy. But, any book that is shortlisted on Kindle Scout in November or December is supposed to get some editorial feedback and I would love to win that - the publishing contract usually offered if selected wouldn't be too bad either.

Ready to support this independent author without going any further? Here's the link:

Need to know a little more about the book before jumping over to nominate? Well, the link does have a short description and almost the first three full chapters, but here's a little fuller description for you.

Blackmail, lies and unprotected sex. What could possibly go wrong in a relationship built on those things?

Hannah Williams has a system. She doesn't sleep with a guy who rates over ten on a little scale her friend invented for her in high school. It sounds stupid, especially since she's still following the system ten years after she graduated. It's led her to live a rather boring but safe life.

That all goes out the window when she shows up at her ten-year high school reunion and Curtis Power starts whispering in her ear. The man was a hunk in high school and years playing professional hockey hasn't changed that. If anything, it's made him even more desirable.

Hannah never imagined she'd have a chance with someone like him. The scale doesn't even go high enough to rate Curtis, but that doesn't stop a Hannah from letting him show her everything she's been missing in life.

When secrets start pouring out, Hannah's world is rocked. Will Curtis' love be enough to put things back together? Or is she destined to live a meaningless life with strict rules to keep the dangers lurking in the world at bay?

And clearly, you need to see the book cover to make sure you're in the right place.

Oh, how about seeing the social cards I made with some quotes from the book?

Still not convinced to nominate? Did I mention that if the book is selected, once Kindle Scout publishes it, you get a FREE copy? Yes, a free copy of the fun and sexy tale of Hannah and Curtis. Need that link again? Here is is:

While I'm busy trying to promote and drive nominations, I've started working on the sequel. For those of you who follows me and my random ramblings, you know that means I've got a working cover going. I can't really say what I think the book is going to be about yet, because that would be a big spoiler to Blocked Shot, but I think it's going to be a fun, quirky little story.

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