Sunday, March 20, 2016

Empty Net on Kindle Scout

Doug's story was approved for a Kindle Scout campaign. Frequent readers of this blog know this is the third time I've submitted a book and I'm really hoping the third time is a charm.

If you don't know how Kindle Scout works, it's kind of like a crowdfunding website without spending money. You nominate books you find interesting to get a publishing contract. In return, if a book is picked, you'll get a free ebook copy.

In honor of the campaign, and hopefully to get some more people nominating Empty Net, I've got a few things planned on my Twitter account (if you're not following me already, it's Today I'm sharing some random quotes and tomorrow will be a little game of guessing who said a certain quote.

Here's a little teaser:

To check out the first two chapters of Empty Net and hit the nominate button, because you know you want to, head over to

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