Saturday, October 4, 2014

My weekly weekend short story - 10/4 edition

This week's challenge was to imagine a scenario in which we discover what goes bump in the night. Not a hard task in the world I usually create, but still a fun one to start off the weekend. I have to run off to a day full of errands - otherwise known as me chopping off all my hair - but I wanted to get my post in before things got busy. Have a great weekend!

Night Revenge

Say hello to my little friends

“Should I ask where we’re going? Walking through the woods wasn’t how I thought we’d be spending the night.”

Nyx waved off Phee’s question. Marcus and Smitty knew where they were going, and what they were doing. Telling Phee would only send the teenager into hysterics. Nyx was already regretting allowing her to come along.

Developing a soft spot wasn’t something Nyx did often, and if anyone asked, she didn’t have one for Phee. That didn’t change the fact that Nyx let the junior werewolf get her way more often than not. In a way, Nyx hoped the plans for the night would wake Phee up a little.

Nyx couldn’t remember a time when she was as carefree and ditzy, for lack of a better word. Being raised as an assassin had always skewed the way Nyx saw the world.

“Do you happen to have any weapons on you?” Nyx asked.

In the world Nyx lived, most of the people used their own unique talents to protect themselves, but Nyx hadn’t always had the ability to change into a wolf or grow fangs, so she still relied on blades and bullets.

“I have the knife you bought me. You taught me not to leave home without it, and since I hope to be like you when I grow up, I’m trying to put everything you say into action. I haven’t had any reason to use the knife, though.”

A simple yes would’ve been fine as far as Nyx was concerned. Nyx had asked her question in a hushed tone, but Phee didn’t bother keeping the conversation muted. The loud response had alerted the people Nyx was hunting and she heard them start to spread out around her group of four.

“Stay close to me. Marcus, Smitty, you know what to do. No one survives. Maybe that will send the message that killing three of our people won’t be tolerated.”

Nyx slipped her trusty knives, Helen and Clytemnestra, from their sheaths. Pulling out her Colt would’ve been more efficient, but Nyx felt the fight needed to be personal.

The first werewolf who broke through the woods was in full wolf form. Nyx preferred fighting humanoids, but had no problem taking on any version of scum that attacked her. The fight lasted twenty minutes, with Nyx battling five guys before the reinforcements stopped.

“Holy crap. You’re scary when you fight.” Phee stared down at one of the bodies Nyx left behind. Phee had her knife out, but Nyx and the guys had made sure none of the Collective forces made it to Phee.

“Yeah, well, when the humans tell their children about the scary things that go bump in the night, they’re talking about me.”

Nyx wiped the blood off her blades and walked away from the carnage. She caught the look of adoration on Phee’s face and considered it better than the fear most people would’ve had after seeing Nyx in action. At least there was some hope for the girl.

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